VIPS is a company with more than 18 years of experience in the market, being one of its great goals conquering its space in this branch as diversified as attractive as it is the one of the Marroquinaria.

We are a company of import, distribution and selective export of products of the most diverse brands and licenses.

Created in 1999 to bring something new to market, VIPS has been able to measure its steps and grow safely.
Based on the diversification of customers, products and markets, the company is now the exclusive distributor of a set of world-renowned brands and licenses for all age groups in the leather goods, travel and stationery sectors.


With these values ​​we have been in the market for more than 18 years in the representation of the most diverse brands and licenses. We rigorously seek to promote the development and creation of products through which we have made an import selected from a wide range of articles. In addition to supplying the entire retail and wholesale market, we also provide the market for Large Distribution in Portugal in a careful and sustainable manner. We make a detailed and deliberate choice to seasonally serve our customers and employees in the best possible way.

We are a company that looks at the economic crisis as a constant challenge where new windows of opportunity are opened to thrive.

Leather Goods, Fashion & Accessories:

Wallets, Belts, Umbrellas, Umbrellas and Beach Bags …

Stationery, Bazaar & Gifts:

Bags and Wallets, Wallets, Cases, Rucksacks, Key rings, Pencils, Purses, Mobile phones, Bags …

Travel & Accessories:

Trolleys, Computer rucksacks, Necessaries, Travel bags Cabin bags, …


Cork is the outer bark of cork oak that is extracted for commercial use. Because of its versatility and unique characteristics (e.g., elasticity, durability and impermeability), cork can be used in various sectors for the manufacturing of various products (e.g., wine industry, construction and fashion).

Between the cork oak plantation and the first cork extraction, it takes between twenty and thirty years. The process is manual, made with an ax, so that it does not degrade the trunk of the tree. Cork extraction occurs every nine years.

The large cork planks collected are sold and processed into sheets of reduced thickness (cork fabric), for the manufacture of various products (e.g., wallets, suitcases and shoes).